Box Badge

Add a digital signature on your printable documents

Box Badge helps you to assure the accuracy of printable documents by generating a publicly accessible QR code which can certify the validity of those documents. Anybody who will concern, could be able to verify the validity of your document by using a *QR code scanner.

All you need to do is generate a Badge (QR Code) for your document using this online tool and print it on your document with a clear printer.

*QR code scanners are freely available for iPhone or Android mobiles.

WHY BoxBadge?

  • Printed documents are still widely used.
  • Those documents are mostly important.
  • Fake documents can be made with similar look.
  • Who spends money to embed microchips in those papers.
  • So, BoxBadge provides a simple mechanism to verify them.

HOW to use?

  • Enter the information* about the document.
  • Generate the QR code for it.
  • Print QR code on the document.
*To whom this issued, expiry date, brief description ...etc - Remember these information are publicly accessible and be aware to provide only non-sensitive information.

Lowest Annual Fee

All you need to pay is 9.99 USD per year to use the complete service with unlimited number of BoxBadge entries. We charge minimum fee possible for this service as we can. All the badges you generated can be accessible freely with any mobile device.

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QR Code Technology

We generate this badge as a QR Code, thus people can verify your document easily. QR Code is widely using technology nowadays and anybody can access through their favorite QR scanner application which is freely available on their mobile device.

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